• Cost-effective performance that lasts

    Our acoustic walls are aesthetically pleasing, permanent, secure and excellent noise barriers. Adjacent residential or commercial properties can be effectively screened from municipal operations such as fire and police stations, water storage facilities, waste treatment facilities, and power stations. They are secure; reinforced concrete panels form a smooth surface, making it difficult to climb and the recommended top coat is a very effective anti-graffiti product. Duracrete acoustic walls are light and easy to transport, allowing our authorized installers access to almost any location.

    Advantages for municipal and utility applications

    • Well-suited to municipal parks and recreational areas.
    • Less expensive than brick or stone, more durable than wood, and more attractive than chain link
    • Approval processes are fast with provable ROI, with projects phased to meet procurement guidelines, and speedy installation ensuring deadlines are met
    • Well-suited to Canada’s tough climate – can handle wind, snow and ice loads
    • Excellent screening characteristics between commercial and residential properties, and an effective highway sound barrier
    • Proven resistance to salt spray
    • 12 in. high by 6ft. wide panels are quickly installed by hand – no booms or cranes required and are ideal for installing in access challenged locations
    • Attractive option to enclose water storage facilities, maintenance yards, electrical substations, natural gas, and waste treatment operation centers, dumpsters and sanitation equipment
    • Leasing options are available
    • 20-year limited warranty

    Wood Profile - Concrete Fence

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