• Value from start to finish

    Concrete acoustic walls offer communities all the benefits of brick or stone without the expense. They can be used to great effect as gate and monument walls, and function as excellent barriers not only for sight, sound and wind, but also for securing property from the effects of extreme weather such as drifting snow, and even fire. They are secure: reinforced concrete panels form a smooth surface, making it difficult to climb and the recommended top coat is a very effective anti-graffiti product. Custom designs and colour options are available on request. The speed of installation, and the minimal maintenance requirements, as well as ease of repair in the unlikely case of damage, make concrete fencing the ideal choice for developments.

    Advantages for planned developments

    • Has the warm appearance of stone without the cost
    • Provides a barrier not only for sight, wind and sound, but also for drifting snow and even fire
    • Proven resistance to salt spray
    • Minimal maintenance required, easy to repair
    • Provides security and privacy
    • 12 in. high by 6ft. wide panels are quickly installed by hand – no booms or cranes required and are ideal for installing in access challenged locations
    • Long lasting, with modular panels allowing for future expansion
    • Quick and easy installation without heavy equipment – remove
    • 20-year limited warranty

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