• A strong return on investment

    Concrete acoustic walls provide excellent value and appeal to the business owner, offering a better return on investment than cedar, because they last much longer and involve low annual maintenance. They are secure: reinforced concrete panels form a smooth surface, making it difficult to climb, and the recommended top coat is a very effective anti-graffiti product. They also ensure privacy, and function as effective visual and sonic barriers.

    Advantages for commercial applications

    • Can assist companies to comply with municipal codes for sight, wind, sound, and aesthetics
    • Better ROI than wood (lasts longer, similar cost), or brick and stone (far less expensive, easier to maintain)
    • 12 in. high by 6ft. wide panels are quickly installed by hand – no booms or cranes required and are ideal for installing in access challenged locations
    • Qualified, Duracrete approved installers, and a 20 year warranty
    • Well suited to the demands of Canada’s tough climate
    • Excellent visual and sonic barrier to screen residential properties
    • 20-year limited warranty

    Wood Concrete Fence

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