Product Information

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    Duracrete’s product line features a variety of patterns and finishes to satisfy a wide range of applications and tastes. With deep texture on both sides, the warmth and appeal of Duracrete’s products are further enhanced by a high-performance concrete mix design for optimum reliability and durability.

    Our product is engineered to last a minimum of fifty years, and is offered with a twenty year limited warranty. This is a dramatic advantage over cedar which, according to independent factory testing, lasts on average only ten years. And because Duracrete is concrete there is no maintenance.

    As well, our product has a distinct advantage over the competition because it is designed to be handled by a single worker. The panels are 12 inches high, making for easy installation – there is no need for a boom truck or a crane to drop in heavy blocks. This also means that the wall is easy to repair.

    General Product benefits

    • Durable and, long lasting – two to five times the longevity of cedar
    • Inexpensive: 30% less than other concrete acoustic wall products, and less than cedar
    • Easy installation, maintenance, and repair
    • Twenty year written warranty
    • Improves property value

    Acoustic Walls Explained

    • can reduce traffic noise by as much as 50%
    • are most effective within 200 feet (60 meters) of a highway
    • should be designed to be visually appealing
    • should preserve aesthetic values
    • substantially reduces noise levels for residents in developments next to highways
    • must be tall enough and long enough to block the view of the of the highway from the area it is protecting


    • Improves property value
    • Improves property value

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